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ScreenForge v1.5 for MS Word 6 & 95 is approximately 90% complete.  The majority of all of the new programming is finished with the exception of some minor bugs yet to be worked out of the more complicated macro code, and there are still some additional modifications which we are looking into adding to the software to make it more intuitive.

Since the ScreenForge software is available for all versions of MS Word, from Word 6 up to the most current version available, initial programming is always done in Word 6 using the WordBasic programming language.  Then, once all of the programming and modifications have been completed on the Word 6 & 95 versions of ScreenForge v1.5, we will begin rewriting the WordBasic macro code into the Visual Basic macro code for Word 97 and higher.

Below we are including some pictures of the ScreenForge v1.5 toolbars.  As the development of the software progresses we will provide more details about the newest features, as well as screenshots of the software while in use in Word.  Check back periodically to learn more about the development status, and all of the new features currently being added.

ScreenForge v1.5 Features:

  • A template for creating Revision pages for your screenplay.

  • A template for creating Shooting Schedule Breakdown Sheets.

  • A template for typing, in proper format, a Shooting Schedule from the Breakdown Sheets.

  • An Index Card layout of Scene Headings.

  • A "Smart Keys" feature, which enables the ability to switch to a new script element style just by hitting the Tab or Enter key.  (This new feature actually does a lot more than this, so check back later to learn all of the details.)

  • The ScreenForge v1.5 Toolbar

    The ScreenForge v1.5 Dual Column Dialogue Toolbar

    The ScreenForge v1.5 Formatting Toolbar

    The ScreenForge v1.5 Revisions Toolbar

    The ScreenForge v1.5 Shooting Schedule Toolbar

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