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Apotheosis Pictures Productions is an independent film production company.  We are proud to announce that ScreenForge v1.1a, a screenwriting software program for Microsoft's word processing program, MS Word, is now available for download.  As a 3rd party software product it will allow the user to create screenplays in the accepted Hollywood format, while maintaining the familiar interface and functionality of Word.

ScreenForge v1.5 is currently nearing completion, and once it is ready for distribution we will begin development of ScreenForge v2.0, which will provide the user with many useful features to speed the screenwriting process while maintaining the ease of use of the current version.

Once ScreenForge v2.0 is finished, and we finally have some time on our hands, we plan on using it to complete many of the screenplays for feature films, as well as some film shorts, that have been gathering dust since we began writing our own screenwriting software.  All proceeds from ScreenForge go toward the development of our first feature film, so if you are happy with the software, and wish to continue using it beyond the initial forty-five (45) day evaluation period, then you must register it.

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If you decide to download ScreenForge please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail and tell us what you like and/or don't like about it.  If you are happy with ScreenForge please recommend it to others interested in writing screenplays.

Remember to check back periodically for the most recent information and updates to ScreenForge, which will become available as new features are added.

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