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If you are interested in linking to us please use any of the banners you see here.  I would prefer that you use one of the animated "long banners", or the animated "short banner", however there are also two non-animated banners available as well, of which I would prefer that the "long banner" be used if you'd rather use a static banner instead of an animated one.   If you prefer using text links instead of graphics then please use our text description provided.  You may also use a combination of both the text and the graphics, in which case the non-animated "short banner" would probably work best in conjunction with the text description.

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to use any of the banners provided to link to our website you must use them in their original unaltered state.  (In other words, do not crop them, resize them, alter their color scheme, or change them in any way.)  I will not modify any reciprocal banner ads in any way were I too use them on my website, and I would appreciate the same consideration.  Thank you.

NOTE:  If none of the banners provided seem appropriate for your website design please let us know your particular specifications for a banner and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you.

Link Information:

Company Name:    Apotheosis Pictures Productions

Internet URL:

Product Name:       ScreenForge

Company and Product Description:    Apotheosis Pictures Productions is an independent film production company and the developers of the ScreenForge screenwriting software for Microsoft Word.  ScreenForge is the best and most affordable screenplay formatting software available for MS Word, and a viable alternative to the much more expensive stand-alone screenwriting programs.

I like how this animated banner looks, which is why I'm including it here, but the file size is a bit large compared to most banner ads so I don't expect too many people will want to use it.

This banner is animated like the one above, but there are fewer frames in the animation making for a slightly smaller file size.

The left side of this banner is static, while the right side is animated like the ones above, again making the file size slightly smaller.

This animated banner only uses two frames which makes it the smallest file size out of all of the "long banners" here.

This animated banner is great for those web pages that are short on space.  It provides all of the important information, and it has a very small file size.

This static "long banner" is great for sites that would prefer not to use animated banners.

This static "short banner" would be good for sites that want to keep things to a bare minimum, or use a combination of a banner and the text description above.

For a reciprocal link back from the Apotheosis Pictures Productions website just send us an e-mail with the information you'd like us to use for your site.

Thank you for taking advantage of our link exchange program, and for providing a link from your site to ours.

By the way, if anyone knows of a good program for creating animated banner ads, which could make banners like the ones above, but with smaller file sizes, please let me know.  Thank you.

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