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Film Industry Resources & Information, etc. Dedicated to the Art of Independent Film and Video Producing.  Exciting Method of making movies 6-7 cheaper & sell for the market price!  Extensive database of Resources.

The Independent Film Center Studios is a quality provider of both below and above -the- line production services. From camera rentals to casting requirements we provide the highest quality of support needed to deliver anywhere in the world. You will save budget dollars through our long standing relationship with vendors, crew and industry partners.
Film & TV Connection: an established entertainment industry school where students train for careers in the film, TV and video fields.
Filmmaking-Careers: your resource for film making information; including cinematography, high-def videography, script writing, film education, and more.
The law firm of BLAKE & WANG P.A. provides entertainment services to the film, television, and music industry.
MY Entertainment WORLD is a resource of information on funding and career opportunities for motion pictures, television, recording, live theatre, art, fashion industry, models, talents, performers, casting directors, agents, photographers, stylists, etc.
Future Movies is a British movie guide which features profiles of cinema releases and DVD movie reviews.  Also read tips on filmmaking and script writing, including how to find funding.
Writers' Script Network  "Getting the Right Script into the Right Hands™" - The Film & Television Industry's Home Page
Stage-Props-Blank-Guns  Movie Props - Stage Props- Blank Guns - Fake Guns- Movie Weapons - Western Guns - Replica Swords - Civil War Reenactment Weapons
    Replica Guns, Stage Props, Replica Swords, Civil War Weapons, Medieval Weapons, Pirate Weapons, World War II Weapons
    The Monster Closet FX Make-up/Props/Masks/Puppets Created by Christian Hanson
    Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences     CINE  (Some good links on this site.)
    The Internet Movie Database     Sundance Film Festival
    Mr. Showbiz     ZENtertainment
    Film     Film Site     EHB Productions  (Film Scoring, etc.)     DigitalIdiots
    Associated Creative Talents     Indie Club  (Filmmaker's Network.)
    DirectorsNet     DirectorsNet     Dream Warriors, Inc.
    Greatest Pictures     Art Deadlines List  (Screenwriting competition and more.)     New York Film Academy
    Hollywood North  

Film Magazines, etc.

    American Cinematographer     The Digital Movie News     IndieZine
    IndieWire     The Hollywood Reporter     Film Threat
    Filmmaking Magazine FAQ     Filmmaking Net     Magnetic South
    Fade In Magazine     Inside Film Magazine     The Hollywood Scriptwriter
    Scenario Magazine     Scr(i)pt Magazine     NY Screenwriter Monthly
    Andy's DVD Reviews    

Writer's Resources, Script Consulting, etc.

Analyst and Reader of Screenplays/TV Scripts

Lynne Pembroke - Analyst and Reader
From an Industry professional with vast experience in script analysis and consultation, at reasonable rates. Increase your chances for success, as others have, by viewing my website before submitting your script.

Trutopia - Resources and Connections for the Serious Screenwriter. This site is devoted to the teaching of screenwriting.

Hollywood Script Analysis  "A film industry veteran offers screenplay coverage that allows you to see your script as the studios see it, plus insider tips." - Screenwriting Tips, Script Analysis, Screenplay Coverage Services and News about the Art and Business of Screenwriting.
WorldWideOCR  Helping writers, artists, inventors and creators affordably protect their works by providing a highly credible online Intellectual Property Date-stamping and Archiving Service.
Equery Direct - Submit your query letter to over 300 screenplay agents and managers instantly via email.
Screenwriting Source - Online screenwriting directory containing over 2000 screenplay agents, managers, film production companies, movie producers, and more.
Knight Owl Entertainment offers professional scriptwriting services for the beginning to advanced writer at extremely competitive rates.
    The Screenwriter's Utopia     EuroScreenwriters
    Writer's Guild of America     Screenwriter's Resource Center
    Creative Screenwriting     Screenwriter's Online
    Screenwriter's and Playwright's Home Page     The Chesterfield Film Company
    Screenplay Systems     All Software & Books for Screenwriting, etc.
    The National Creative Registry
    National Screenwriting Competition     The Elements of Style/ The King's English
    Xlibris     The Creativity Web Home Page
    Research-It!     ScreenConnect
    American Zoetrope     WriteMovies     The Internet: A Writer’s Guide     HollywoodNet
    Mad Screenwriter     Create Your Screenplay  (Barry Pearson's website.)     Scriptunities
    Syd Field (Screenwriting guru.)     Red InkWorks  "Encouraging writers to write!"
    The Script Nurse Screenwriter's Conference Center.     Creativity Workshop
    The Hollywood Secret Formula Chart     Alex Epstein's Blog  (A working screenwriter.)

Screenplays links to hundreds of Scripts, Screenplays, and Transcripts of Current, Classic and Soon-to-be-Released Movies, Television, Anime, and Radio Shows.
    Drew's Scripts-O-Rama

Independent Film Resources & Information, etc.

Dan Fissel Custom Music - Jingles, Commercial Soundtracks, Production Music Beds Original Music Scores for Radio and TV.  Jingles, Film Scores, Soundtracks, Production Beds, as well as Non-Union Voice-Talent.
    Grainy Pictures, Inc.     Kevin Rubio's Troops! @
    Cyber Film School Main Page     Welcome to Indie Films
    Proletariat Pictures     Digital Puppet
    Stark Ravin' Films     The Independent Film Channel
    T.K. Productions/ Auteur     Studio Creations  (Build a Stormtrooper costume, etc.)
    Web Cinema     Morrie Warshawski  (Film Fundraising Information, etc.)
    The Canon XL1 Watchdog     ITVS (Independent Television Service) - A Student Filmmaker's Best Resource.     IdiotCam
    Midnight Pictures     IndieKINO
    IndieNetwork     Telluride IndieFest
    West Virginia Filmmaker  (Streaming Video Sharing Center.)
    Scripters World     Jack Rooney's Home Page
    Black and Brown Shorts     4WallFilms
    The Independent Film & Video Forum     Malamute Entertainment, Inc.  (Production Company.)
    DIY Revolution     Project GreenLight  (Collaborative screenplay forum.)
    Student Filmmakers  (Collaborative screenplay forum.)
    General Pictures International     Kansas City Filmmaker's Jubilee
    James C. Rubino Creative Talent     Lionel Lodge  Musician
Hocus Focus Films, Israel

 Czech production company Cabiria Films, Prague

Film Equipment

The Foveon X3 is the new, revolutionary full-color image sensor for high quality digital photography from Foveon Inc.  The Foveon X3 imaging chip is the first to work like film and provide true film-like quality images.  The Sigma SD9 is the first camera to use the Foveon X3 technology.
    Stop-Motion     HDTVCHRIS
    Stratton Camera Inc.     Oppenheimer Camera     The Eastman Kodak Company
    Cameras-Pro     Glidecam Industries     The Media Specialties Catalog

News Groups

    alt.acting     alt.movies     alt.movies.terry-gilliam
    alt.animation.warner-bros     alt.movies.cinematography     alt.movies.visual-effects     alt.movies.hitchcock     alt.movies.production
    alt.cult-movies     alt.movies.independent     misc.writing.screenplays
    alt.cult-movies.alien     alt.movies.kubrick     rec.arts.movies.production
    alt.cult-movies.evil-deads     alt.movies.scorsese
    alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror     alt.movies.spielberg


Microsoft Access Help Center - MS Access Development, Training, Repair, Support, Discussion Forum, Tips, Samples, Books and More.
Super Warehouse Home - Printers, Monitors, Projectors, Storage, Laptops, Networking, Systems, Scanners & Digital Cameras...

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Link Exchange Program:  Information for exchanging links with us.

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