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IMPORTANT:  All future versions of ScreenForge will only be made available to "registered" users of the software.  Read the ScreenForge software license agreement for additional information.

Download Instructions:  Download the appropriate file to your computer.  These files are *.ZIP archive files, so you will need appropriate unzipping software to access and install the templates into MS Word.  These files were compressed using WinZip so if you don't have any unzipping software, or the software you do have doesn't seem to work with these files then I'd suggest installing and using WinZip to access the installation files if you have a Windows system.  If you are on a Macintosh and are in need of an unzipping utility then you may wish to try Aladdin Expander, which is a *freeware* program for both Windows and Macintosh.  It is a total cross-platform expansion utility for expanding just about any file you receive over the Internet.  You can either download the program you need by following one of the links above, or you can go to, select your platform, enter the name of the software you need into the "search for:" box, hit Enter or click on the "search" button and follow the on-screen instructions.  You don't need to use either of these archiving applications, but you will need some kind of unzipping software in order to access the compressed files.

IMPORTANT:  We have moved, so the mailing address within the ScreenForge software package is no longer valid.  Please refer to our "Contact" page for all current contact information.  A new trial version of ScreenForge will be made available as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that you download the correct version of ScreenForge for your version of MS Word.  Installing the wrong version of ScreenForge in the wrong version of Word may prevent the software from working correctly, if at all.

ScreenForge v1.1a for MS Word 6 & 95

ScreenForge v1.1a for MS Word 97, 98, 2000, 2001, 2002, etc.

Once you unzip the ScreenForge archive file you should see seven (7) MS Word files.  Three (3) are MS Word template files with the *.dot extension, and four (4) are MS Word document files.  The template files you will need to install into Word.  The document files are your End User License Agreement ("EULA"), Registration Form, ReadMe and User's Guide.  Complete installation instructions are in the ReadMe file.  Read the "EULA" and the ReadMe file before doing anything else.  The ReadMe file also contains printing instructions for the User's Guide, which is formatted as a booklet.  (NOTE:  The registered software package also includes an "online" User's Guide in *.pdf format, which may be viewed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.)

Remember to check back periodically for the most recent information and updates to ScreenForge, which will become available as new features are added.  All proceeds from ScreenForge go toward the development of our first feature film, so if you are happy with the software, and wish to continue using it beyond the initial forty-five (45) day evaluation period, then you must register it.

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