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IMPORTANT:  All future versions of ScreenForge will only be made available to "registered" users of the software.  Read the ScreenForge software End User License Agreement ("EULA") carefully in order to understand your legal rights and responsibilities which you are agreeing to by using the ScreenForge screenwriting software.

In order to register the ScreenForge software you must either complete, print, and mail the ScreenForge registration form (included in the downloadable ScreenForge screenwriting package), along with a check or money order payable to Apotheosis Pictures Productions for the small $45.00 (USD) registration fee, or click on the "PayPal" button below in order to register online via credit card, eCheck, or directly from your "PayPal" account, if applicable.

All proceeds from the sale of the ScreenForge screenwriting software go toward the development of our first independent feature film.  Thank you for choosing ScreenForge.

Online Registration Instructions:

  1. Click on the "PayPal" button below.

  2. Follow the "PayPal" payment instructions provided.

  3. When you have finished making the payment, "PayPal" will provide you with a payment "confirmation page" where you'll see the details of the transaction.  The "confirmation page" will contain a link, which will say "Click here to continue", or "Click here to return to the Merchant's Site", or something similar.  Click on that link to return to the Apotheosis Pictures Productions website to complete the registration process by filling out the ScreenForge registration form.

  4. Complete the ScreenForge registration form, and then click on the "Submit Form" button to complete the registration process.  (NOTE:  All registration information is kept strictly confidential.)

Registration Includes:

  1. A 3.5 inch Windows formatted disk with registered copies of the latest version of the software.

  2. A printed User's Guide booklet.

  3. An online User's Guide in *.pdf format, which may be viewed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.

  4. FREE unlimited technical support, via E-mail ONLY.

  5. FREE upgrades to all future versions of ScreenForge as they become available.

  6. You will be legally licensed to use the ScreenForge software.

NOTE:  Any use of the ScreenForge software beyond the initial forty-five (45) day evaluation period, without registering the software, is an ILLEGAL use of the software.  If you don't like the software enough to pay for it, then don't use it.

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